Gamification is a popular term that we see more often every day. Gamification is the applying of gamethinking and gaming techniques in a non-gaming environment. With gamification game elements are used to motivate the users to enrich their experience. As a forerunner in innovation and new technologies LiveWall regularly uses gamification in its concepts.


Game development

As a web developer we are also driven in realising interactive game experiences.  LiveWall has developed interactive game concepts commissioned by brands such as Endemol and Universal. These type of games range from a Facebook game to an iPad game that linked with an online platform creating lots of interaction.


Design for computer and mobile

Our game designers develop unique concepts that are executed to perfection by our game developers. The application of game elements in a campaign is a good way to create interaction with the target group. We focus on computer game design as well as mobile game design. We respond to the mobile first trend and develop games that are playable on every device. 

Interested in game development

LiveWall is specialised in game development. Our game developers know by their broad experience how to bring the game to a great end result. Interested in developing an online game? Contact us now to find out what is possible.