Hybrid applications

Would you like to have a hybrid application developed? LiveWall is an experienced developer of custom made hybrid applications. Read about the possibilities below.


What is a hybrid application?

A hybrid application is a combination of a native app and a web app. A hybrid application is also called a cross-platform app and is an application that is part a mobile website in HTML5 and part a native app. Due to this, the hybrid app has the best of both worlds. A hybrid app has the same base as a native app and is expanded with the same technologies and functions as a web app. A hybrid app has to be downloaded in an app store and is subsequently usable without an internetconnection. Moreover, the hybrid app is simply updated and is placeable in an app store.


A custom made hybride app

LiveWall is an expert in developing different applicatoions and is able to advise you. Would you like to make an app but aren't sure if it should be a hybrid, native or web application? Contact us and we'll advise you on which application is suitable for your concept.


Interested in hybrid applications?

LiveWall is highly experienced in developing hybrid apps. Look at the following cases for an overview of the different usages of Hybrid applications. Not looking for a hybrid application, LiveWall is eager to help you choose wisely concerning mobile applications.