Interactive banners

Are you looking for interactive banners? LiveWall is an experienced developer of HTML5 banners and custom made campaigns. Nowadays more than half of our traffic comes through a smartphone or tablet. This number will only continue to grow. That is why more and more advertisers use HTML5 banners. These banners substitute the Flash banners, which aren't always supported on mobile devices. HTML5 offers more interactivity than Flash does and it allows more creativity by the larger filesize granted. The usage of HTML5 technology in your campaign offers many new oppertunities.


Attractive mobile banners

The HTML5 banners are responsive whereby you don't have to develop separate banners for tablets and smartfphones. Hereby you no longer have to keep the content up to date in different places. The market for HTML5 banner adds is becoming more and more attractive with this.


Interested in a unique interactive banner?

LiveWall has specialised in developing interactive banners and can create  a unique and professional HTML5 banner add for you. LiveWall will guide you from start to end. Our experienced developers can help make your idea into a beautiful product.