Smartwatch apps

The smartwatch has been around since 2011 but has grown explosively in 2014 and this trend is still going on. Many trendwatchers and large companies expect this growth to keep on going for a couple of years. A very interesting market with a lot of potential. With this a new market for Smartwatch development and Smartwatch applications came to be. There are allready more and more suppliers of Smartwatches. The demand for Smartwatch applications is growing with these developments. We can develop a unique and high-quality Smartwatch app for you.

Android Watch & iWatch

LiveWall has kept a close eye on the development of Smartwatch applications. Our Smartwatch developers have specialised in developing smartwatch applications for Android Watch & iWatch. In this way we will stay ahead of the newest technologies. 

LiveWall develops innovative apps, concepts and online innovations for renowed brands in sorts of branches all over the world. This is also true for your Smartwatch applications which we will customize completely. By our broad experience we can  bring your idea for a Smartwatch app into a beautiful and proffessional endresult.


Besides developing smartwatch apps, LiveWall is also familiar with the development of watch faces. A watch face is the layout of the clock on the smartwatch. Wtih the development of a watch face, the smartwatch can be provided with a branded clock ( or multiple clocks). A good example would be the KLM Smartwatchfaces.

Take a look at the following cases to get an impression of the possibilities of Smartwatch apps. Not looking for a Smartwatch application? Read more about our other application possibilities.