Facebook apps

In need of a Facebook app? LiveWall is an experienced developer in customized Facebook applications. Read more below about the possibilities and check the cases to get an impression. 


On average a person spends the most time - of all social media channels – on Facebook. The social media channel that you should defenitely keep in mind. Chances are your target group is situated on Facebook. Facebook is a great tool to build an online fan base and continue to keep your target group enthusiastic about your brand or your product. But that's not all. Facebook is the ideal channel to gather data and information about your target group, to create ambassadors for your brand, create a viral effect around your brand or connect a link between your online and offline presence. The difference between a Facebook page and an app is that with the app you can use the data of the user and his or her network.


For a brand or a company to have many likes off course is great, but that doesn’t actually give you the knowledge who really is a fan of your company or brand. This is the main reason a lot of brands/companies are deciding to develop a Facebook application.


With a team of creative concept developers and specialized app developers we can create a full customized Facebook application for you. The possibilities to connect with your audience using social media apps are endless.


Share your Facebook application idea with us and we will help you realize them!

Campaign website for Gezellige Tijden
Universal Music
Social media campaigns to promote artists
The Voice Of Holland
Facebook video channel
Holland's Next Top Model
New interactive website
Pepsi DJ Knock Out
A search for new DJ talent
Guus Meeuwis
Play the quiz and win tickets for the 'Groots met een zachte G' concerts.
Promotion campaigns for popular Live Nation shows in Holland
Jupiler and Dancetour
Receive a personal after movie from your favorite festival!
Zeeman fashion stores
Online campaign to create more awareness
The advertisers are challenging you!
Guus Meeuwis
Win tickets for a unique concert
Universal Germany
Multiple Facebook apps
Digster days of christmas
The Common Linnets
Online promotion through this Facebook app
A personal video message
Men United
Choose your own talented team
GTST Dressingroom
How does the outfit of your favorite character look on you?
Upload your favorite travel photo
Radio 10
'Selfie of the year'
Set your own Peijnenburg combination
AP Hogeschool Antwerpen
Let It Glow
Avicci Spotify campaign
Magical FruitDuo's
Oxfam - Behind the brands
The bitter taste of sugar
Het Nieuwsblad
Flowergirl, WC Pool & Biggest Fan
The Chainsmokers
My personal selfie video
Cirque Du Soleil - Kooza
Facebook app for promotion of the newest show Kooza
Guus Meeuwis
Claim your seat in the
T-Time Friendtest
Online bonding with clients
Tosti Quick Facebook app
Oxfam Novib
A mash-up of all social media channels of Oxfam
Snelle Jelle
Facebook app in combination with Tour du Jour
Indesit campaign
Quest for the worst washer in the Netherlands
Style icon of the year
Beemster memory
The Beemster Memory Facebook app
More engagement with fans through several Facebook apps
Happy Belly action in cooperation with 100%NL
LiveWall on screen
Display social media on your screens
Display live instagram photo's at a large screen from your event
Get to know new rice-dishes with the Lassie dish-help
A new social soccer platform
The new interactive shopping experience
LiveWall Data
Social media aggregation and statistics
Sky Radio
Send your own Sky Radio Christmass wish
The event with 200.000 visitors becomes social
Improved store traffic
Family help
Facebook app: the pregnancy help