Instagram campaigns

Starting an Instagram campaign? LiveWall is an experienced developer in customized Instagram campaigns. Not everyone is a great photographer and Instagram responded well to this fact. With a free app that applies filter effects to photos and videos to make the picture have its own feeling to it. Edit your image with the vintage or even a colorful look. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with as many as 150 million active users.


New chances and possibilities

Instagram is becoming a more important channel in a strong social media strategy. When Facebook took over the photo service Instagram for a whopping one billion dollars, it offers even B-2-B marketeers opportunities to create engagement with followers. Instagram is ideal for photo or video competitions, winning actions, deploying user content photos/videos as a way to give your audience a stage or to let your followers see what it looks like behind the scenes. Instagram is also very suitable for online promotion and online advertising.

Innovative Instagram campaigns

With a team of creative concept developers and specialized app developers we can create a full customized Instagram campaign for you in no time. Challenge us. We'd like to co-create an innovative and clever concept for an Instagram campaign. We'll do everything to bring your Instagram promotion campaign to a great endresult.