Native applications

Moblie applications are available in different sizes. A native appication is an application that is developed for a specific operating system such as Android or iOS. The counterpart of the native app is a multi-platform app (hybrid app). Which is made just one time and then made suitable for multiple platforms.

Advantages of a native app

Native apps are suitable for one operating system. The apps for different operating systems are made in different programming languages. A native app is fully optimised for the particular platform. This insures the app can use all functionalities a mobile device has to offer.

Native applications are very userfriendly, fast, accessible offline, interactive, stable and easy to secure. For you native app we can develop a trusted and userfriendly interface.


Interested in native applications?

Would you like to develop a native app? LiveWall can guide you in the designingprocess from start to end. We'll think with you about the content, functionalities and the design of the app. Moreover we will advise you on which kind of applications is best suited for you organisation or concept. LiveWall has broad experience with developing native applications. We work for a wide range of branches and A-brands. Take a look at the cases below to see the different usages of native apps.

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