Retail Concepts

Planning a creative and innovative retail concept? 

LiveWall is an experienced developer in customized retail concepts. Read more below about the possibilities and check the cases to get some impressions. 


Experience economy

As a brand, it is important to properly respond to current trends and developments as well as the constantly changing needs of consumers. Today’s consumer is looking for an experience to which the FashionWall offers the solution!


The FashionWall is an application for online- and offline retailers, in which different aspects are combined. With the FashionWall you can combine all the online activities – your web shop, social media channels – and display these in your shop window. It is also possible to let the customers ‘control’ your shop window by using their smartphone or by hand movements (using Kinect technology). Let your customers and passers-by, even after hours, browse through your catalogue with the ability to directly order items with this interactive shop window. Via FashionWall online customers can leave a response about items which you can display in your shop(window). With this, you create a unique and valuable interaction between offline and online fans to your brand. Moreover, FashionWall also offers customers to virtually fit clothes from your collection.

Innovative ideas 

A good retail concept stimulates all senses of the consumer to create a surprising experience. With a team of creative concept developers and specialized app developers we can create an unique retail concept for you. We would like to brainstorm with you about an innovative and creative retail concept.