Second screen apps

Second screen is a term we hear more often nowadays. With second screen applications a second screen is used. With second screen we refer to a parallel use of a computer, tablet or smartphone to improve the viewer-experience of what is broadcasted.

Improve engagement with the viewers

Multiple tv-shows are supported and are provided with a second screen app with extra information. Second screen application can insure more engagement with the viewers of the television program. With this the program changes from a passive to an active channel and with that the loyalty and interaction is improved.

By using second screen apps the moment of contact with the viewer can be prolonged. Also, 2nd screen applications result in community-forming. Moreover, by using the second screen application correctly, valuable feedback can be generated. 


Custom second screen applications

LiveWall has specialised in developing 2nd screen apps. Together with you we'll create a second screen app with which you can offer the viewer an extra experience. With our broad experience we can develop a proffessional and unique second screen app for you. Take a look at the following cases for different usages of a 2nd screen app.

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