Social dashboard

By using a social dashboard you can keep up to speed on what is being said online about your brand or company. The social dashboard is an innovative social media monitor with which your can keep your offline audience up to date on online activities concerning your brand or company.


Insight in your brand

The social media dashboard kan be put together to your specific wishes with different colums of social networks. This social media monitor shows what is being communicated by the brand as well as what is being communicated about the brand. In this way it is easier to react to messages that come by and to get a clear insight in the image of the brand that's given.

Social statistics

With a social media dashboard it is also possible to keep up with the social media statistics. You will for example have insight in the number of followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter and you can see how this develops. The Social Dashboard is a specially strong media tool for your organisation.

Attractive and clear

A social media dashboard shows the social media in a attractive and clear manner. This social media monitor is therefor suitable for in- as well as outside the office. With the social media dashboard you can make sure the staff has control over the online activities and you can show your clients how you handle complaints or problems online.


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