Spotify apps

In need of a Spotify app? LiveWall is an experienced developer in customized Spotify applications! Read more below about the possibilities and check the cases to get some impressions. 


With its millions of songs and users, Spotify offers a great platform for advertising and campaigns. We thought it was about time for the phenomenon Jukebox to return. We made it come back to life with the new online tool: SpotifyBox! This tool transforms the popular streaming service Spotify into a genuine digital Jukebox. Your computer will act as the Jukebox and with smartphones your audience can vote or request their favourite track. By using a simple, straight forward website the tool is very user friendly and easy to use.


In addition, LiveWall created a campaign for Spotify and Universal to promote artist Avicii. By participating in the campaign, a contest where you had to get a place on the plane, participants could win a trip to Ibiza.


With a team of creative concept developers and specialized app developers we can create a full customized Spotify app for you. Challenge us! We like to help create and develop an innovative and clever concept for a customized Spotify campaign.