Spotify campaigns

Having a Spotify campaign developed? LiveWall is an experienced developer in custom made Spotify campaigns. Spotify offers, with its millions of songs and millions of users, a nice platform for online advertising and campaigns. In recent years the streamingservice Spotify has grown tremendously. It already has around 24 million users and therefor is a very interesting place for online campaigns and online advertising. This is why we develop the so called take-over campaigns. These banner campaigns are shown on the whole 'descover' page. Spotify advertising can be very interesting as a part of  your online marketing strategy.

Custom Spotify applicaties

LiveWall is also specialised in developing custom made Spotify applications. We thought it about time to revive the phenomenon 'Jukebox'. We did this by developing the online tool called SpotifyBox. This tool turns the popular streaming service Spotify into a genuine digital Jukebox. Your computer will function as a Jukebox and the public will be able to vote for their favourite song using only their smartphone or tablet. With its user-friendly website it is very easy to integrate.

Want to know more about Spotify apps?

With a team of creative concept developers and specialised app developers we can customize a Spotify app for you in a heartbeat. Challenge us! We would love to think with you on an innovative and advised concept for a custom made Spotify app.

Take a look at the following cases with Spotify integration.