Web based applications

LiveWall is specialised in developing webapplications. A webapplication is a mobile website specially adapted to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. To gain acces to the webapplication the user doesn't have to download an application. An advantage of a webapplication is that it's very accessible. The webapplication is always available through the Internet browser and doesn't need approval by an app store. Webapplications are therefor platform independant and this makes their development costs low.

Flexible webapplications

Webapplications are updated automatically and are provided with realtime information. This means a webapplication is very flexible. Adjustments are easily carried out without the need for approval on the adjustments. LiveWall can guide you in the realisation of the content, funcionalities and the concept of your webapp. We can moreover inform you on which kind of application is most suitable for your concept or organisation.


LiveWall has years of experience in developing webapplications. We work for distinguished organisations in different branches. Our professional webapplication developers guarantee a beautiful and unique end result.

Take a look at the following cases for an overview of the possible uses for webapplications. Not looking for a webapplication?

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