E-learning platform for employers

In cooperation with NEO-learning ( a part of LiveWall's Belgian partner Xylos NV) LiveWall developed an E-learning platform for Dunlop’s employers. This exclusive platform is only accessible with a Dunlop ID.

Dunlop Tyres is a British tire manufacturer and mainly known for the various racing classes they cooperate with, such as MotoGP and the 24 Hours of Le Mans teams.

Through E-learning, it’s possible to provide employers with the needed information. E-learning is an innovative and approachable way to implement distance learning within an organization.

The E-learning platform contains data about all Dunlop’s products. The employers have access to extensive information about the brand, the tires and the target group. The platform provides all the employers with relevant corporate and market information. The platform also contains several videos and test cases which makes it a visually appealing entirety. The E-learning platform is available for Android and EXE and later also for iOS. 

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