EO - Bijbelquiz

De Grote BijbelQuiz 2015

Play along with second screen

For ‘De Grote BijbelQuiz’ 2015, LiveWall developed a second screen app. Viewers at home could live vote with the quiz and compete against the participating celebrities.

The ‘Evangelische Omroep’ is a Dutch public broadcaster with an evangelizing impact. The EO is a cross-media company and is communicates through television, radio, internet, magazines and events. Every year, the EO broadcasts ‘De Grote BijbelQuiz’. This time, the viewer was able to participate through the second screen app LiveWall developed for the EO.

Bert van Leeuwen and Jacobine Geel, annually test the bible knowledge of known and unknown Dutch people. During ‘De Grote BijbelQuiz’ the viewers were able to participate from their homes through second screen. Second screen is the term for the simultaneous use of a device, tablet or smartphone, besides watching TV. Second Screen is used for additional information or to increase interaction with the viewer. By using second screen, the viewer is more involved in the content of the program.

The goal was to get as many points as possible. Before the start of the quiz, the participant could enter his or hers zip code. They could also select the group the participant would place themselves in. The viewer could choose from Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Protestant, Atheist or otherwise. After the quiz, there was shown an interactive map with the best municipalities and groups.

To respond to the user convenience of the viewer, the app was web-based. The viewer didn’t have to download an app and was able to play the quiz directly through live.debijbelquiz.nl. The quiz was fully responsive and accessible from any device.

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