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RTL5 & Renault

Online platform for Extreme Road trip

Three extreme athletes, a road trip and many familiar faces. That’s what it’s all about in the new RTL 5 show: Extreme Roadtrip. De experiences of the athletes are broadcasted in the unique online RTL5 platform. Unique to this program is the ‘Distinctive Content Approach’; as for each medium separate content is created. Commissioned by RTL5 and Renault, LiveWall developed the online platform for this new program.

In Extreme Roadtrip, the three extreme athletes Chris, Brigitte and Antoine, welcome new famous Dutch persons every day. Together they travel through France. The new Renault KADJAR takes the company to different places where the most extreme sports are practiced. Presenter Saar Koningsberger joins the group to go wakeboarding and GTST star Oscar Aerts races down a mountain lying on a street luge board.

Commissioned by RTL5 & Renault, LiveWall developed this unique online platform. With the ‘Distinctive Content Approach’, a total new experience is created via online, TV and social. Unique to this program is that TV has a supportive effect on the online platform rather than the other way around. Every Tuesday and Thursday, new adventures are shown at www.extremeroadtrip.nl and YouTube.

During a road trip, there’s nothing more important than a suitable car. That’s why Renault enables the viewers to make an extreme road trip themselves. At the platform, the viewer can select his or hers favorite locations in France. For each location, the viewer can see what extreme sports are practiced in that particular city. This campaign allows the viewers a chance to gather with friends and make an extreme road trip in the new Renault KADJAR crossover. 

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