Battle of the flavours

The finale in Walbi Holland

CoLiveWall works in assignment of Chase for Coca-Cola Holland. Fanta launched in the summer of 2018 an online campaign called: Battle of the Flavours. Two well known vloggers each represent a different flavour; Peach Apricot or Blood Orange. During the finale, LiveWall provided the content on a large LED screen, a video livestream from a rollercoaster and photography.

LiveWall is, as a creative digital production company, involved with different brandactivations from Coca-Cola . In 2018, LiveWall contributes to the Fanta Battle of the Flavours campaign. Two vloggers combat with eachother by completing different battles. Each vlogger represents a new Fanta flavour. The flavour from the winning vlogger will eventually get into the grocery stores.

LED screen
The finale of the campaign is hosted in Walibi Holland. The vloggers could win a sampling, an amount of social likes and a decibel challenge. LiveWall developed an interactive website that is shown on a large LED screen. On this website, there were updates shown about the battle and also half-time scores based on the scores of the vloggers. Thousands of fans are updated by this large LED screen in Walibi.

The video  department of LiveWall,, was present at the location to provide a livestream and photography. LiveWall provide a livestream of the vloggers while they ride a rollercoaster. This livestream was shown on a LED screen for the fans.



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