The best Dutch food bloggers on Foodiechannel

Live Wall Group launched a new video food platform in April: Foodiechannel. The best Dutch food bloggers share short videos with recipes, food hacks and inspiration.

Foodiechannel responds to the demand for conscious, healthy but also quick food. Foodiechannel is going to be the most inspirational food platform in the Netherlands (and the rest of the world).

Ten of the Netherlands most famous food bloggers share short vlogs with the most inspiring cuisine, creative recipes, handy food hacks and other tips. The short, clear videos are the strength of Foodiechannel. The LiveWall-team films at the food bloggers home and provides brief video versions that are easy to share.

Food Bloggers
Live Wall made a selection of the best Dutch food bloggers. Based on the number of followers, originality, visibility and frequency of posts. Untill now ten 'Foodies' joined Foodiechannel: Anne Foodie Travel, Gigigisele, Food Bandits, Fit with Charlotte, Oh My Pie, Isaura, Suuz, Mr. Hungry Sam, Cake and Cooky, nicook_healthy and Anne Tea Makery.

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