E-learning platform for internal users

In cooperation with NEO-learning (a part of LiveWall's Belgian Partner Xylos NV), LiveWall developed an E-learning platform for Goodyear’s internal users.

Goodyear, founded in 1898, is currently the largest tires and rubber supplier in the world. The originally American company manufactures tires for cars, aircraft and heavy machinery.

The platform is only accessible with a Goodyear ID. E-learning is an innovative and simple way of learning which gives the user the opportunity to have access to the latest information any day, any time. E-learning is also very suitable to enable distance learning.

Employers have access to extensive information about the brand, the tires and the target group. Through the platform, employers are kept informed about all the latest corporate information. All the information is displayed visually appealing by means of several videos and test cases. The E-learning platform is available for Android and EXE and later also for iOS. 

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