KLM Pack & Go

Experience your destination with Pack&GO

LiveWall developed a new concept for the campaign page of the biggest international sales campaign 'Pack&GO' of KLM.

During the Pack&GO, KLM offered many appealing ticket prices. To anticipate on the relocation of traffic to mobile devices, KLM wanted to know about the impact and the possibilities to develop a mobile first campaign for smartphone and tablet. Throughout this time, KLM has compared the mobile page with the standard website. The current website page is especially focused on sales, where the mobile page was focused on inspiration for new destinations. The test was done in three countries: the United Kingdom, Germany and Norway.

The project resulted in a new, inspirational, mobile first campaign page for KLM. Each destination was made visually attractive by a unique feature: beautiful images of destinations, 360 views of destinations that follow your movements and City Selfies. Fans and customers of KLM made these selfie videos whereas they left a personal impression of the city.
Besides that, you’re able to share destinations via social media (Facebook, Twitter en WhatsApp) and via email, so the booking can be completed on another device.

This all resulted in a beautifully designed page filled with very helpful information; the perfect invitation to Pack and GO!

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