Pack Your Destination


Pack Your Destination is an ongoing online campaign for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. LiveWall developed a campaign including a virtual suitcase. 

The KLM-Pack Your Destination Campaign is an 'always-on campaign': a continuous campaign that only targets people who haven't ordered tickets through KLM.com for a long time.

The campaign
With Pack Your Destination, a trip is selected based on 7 questions. For example, do you have a small or a large budget? Do you like warm sandy beaches or is skiing your choise? The questions are represented in clear graphics, which are fun and easy to answer. Based on seven answers, the participant receives a digital suitcase with a suitable holiday destination.

Of course, the proposed holiday destination contains a short description. Offcourse the flight can be booked in just one cllick. Or select s notification, when you want to visit this city another time. Not satisfied with your chosen holiday resort? The quiz can be played several times.

LiveWall and KLM work together in multiple campaigns. For example, check the DreamDeals  or the social responsibility campaign.


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