World Deal Weeks

Campagne website

Commissioned by KLM, LiveWall developed a completely new concept for the campaign page for the KLM World Deal Weeks.

To anticipate on the relocation of traffic to mobile devices, the campaign page was developed mobile first for smartphone and tablet. The mobile first page, was provide with impressive visual support and beautiful content. The page contains images of destinations all over the world and also shows a 360 view of the location. By moving your smartphone, the images on the page move with you. This resulted in a unique and appealing display of the destinations.

Through the mobile page, the visitor quickly has access to all the information about ticket prices. You can also share the page through social media and by mail. The booking of your flight can also easily be completed on other devices.  This also made it possible to track your destination and share it with your friends.
This all resulted in a very nicely displayed page with useful content; the ideal invitation to travel.

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