Facebook apps

Promotion campaigns for popular Live Nation shows in Holland

LiveWall develops several Facebook apps for Live Nation.

The apps are mainly used for the promotion of upcoming performances of different big artists. These apps include general information, ticket-info, the possibility of buying tickets, videoclips and sharing messages about the concert on your Facebook timeline.


Justin Timberlake

With the announcement of U.S. megastar Justin Timberlake giving an extra concert in the Netherlands, LiveWall and Live Nation launched a Facebook app which gave users the possibility to share this news on their own timeline and to purchase tickets directly.



Russel Brand

LiveWall developed a Facebook app for the famous English comedian Russel Brand. Visitors were given the possibility to easily view videoclips, buy tickets and share it on their own timeline.


Furthermore, LiveWall edited a short clip for promotion. This video was viewed over 7,500 times in two weeks time.

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