User Generated Content

Social media interaction

Make-up brand Maybelline coupled with LiveWall for Maybelline campaigns: so-called User Generated Content. Fans and users could see their Maybelline products represented via a hashtag on the Maybelline-website. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's LiveWall.

Live Wall integrated social media posts on the websites of both the Belgian and Russian Maybelline websites. The posts of Maybelline fans are immediately provided with a product tying, so the nail polish or eye shadow can immediatly be purchased online. Maybelline gave some users a trial set of makeup to create more conversion.

Maybelline is part of L'Oreal, but was founded in 1915 by T. L. Williams. The company is named after his sister Maybel. Inspired by the catwalk Maybelline ensures that women can make a bold statement and discover new looks.

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