Night of the Proms

Night Of The Proms goes America

The popular concert series Night Of The Proms decided to broaden their horizon and start organizing their successful shows in the United States. To promote these concerts in America, LiveWall built an online platform which enables the current visitors of the shows to send out a message to their connections and try to get awareness in the US. 

When visitors start the game, they need to invite their connections from different countries. The person with the largest distance(on a world map) between the invitations, won a price. This price was a trip to the Night Of The Proms concert in Kansas City. 


Night of the Proms celebrated their 30th anniversary. They gave away several duo-meet&greets via a Facebook application. Facebook registered which persons took part of the meet&greet contest. The only thing you needed to do was to tell them who's your favourite artist.

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