55th anniversary celebrated!

Custom social wall

In 2015, Randstad celebrated their 55th anniversary. For this anniversary, LiveWall developed a unique Social Wall, Photo Gallery and a personal aftermovie for all employees at this global party. 

‘Randstad celebrates their 55th anniversary’

For 55 years Randstad is one of the leading companies in the worldwide labour market. They helped lots of people, all over the world, by finding a new job or by giving their careers a new boost. In 2015, Randstad celebrated their 55th anniversary with all their worldwide employees on 26 locations all over the world.


Worldwide social walls

Especially for this worldwide event, LiveWall developed a geo-located Social Wall for dozens of individual countries. The geo-located technology, made it possible to determine the location of the actual user. For each individual country, there were personal and unique content being displayed. On the interactive social dashboard there local social posts being displayed mixed by global posts, so all employees were able to see how their colleagues on the other side of the world celebrated this 55th anniversary.


Online Photo Gallery

All pictures that were taken during this party, were really easy to find back for all the attendees on a special Photo gallery. This Photo Gallery, designed in the look & feel of the event, was visited by more than 25,000 unique users from all over the world with more than 40.000 sessions in total. During the event #R55 was trending topic on all social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. On average, there were more than 6,75 posts being posted each minute during the celebration.


Personal aftermovie

Visitors of the online Photo Gallery were able to collet and select multiple pictures of themselves to create their own personal aftermovie. After the event all visitors received their own personal aftermovie where they were being thanked again for what they do for Randstad.


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