RTL Nederland

Dance Dance Dance

Interactive website for new RTL concept

For the new RTL concept LiveWall developed an interactive website. This website offers an extra environment where the viewer can go after the program. This new RTL concept is situated strongly on this interactive website.

RTL has a new television show! In Dance Dance Dance, Dutch celebrities are dancing their heart out. 
DanceDanceDance is a dancing show at RTL4. In this television show famous Dutch people show their best dance performance together with their own partner, family member or colleague. The couples are showing the best dancing act they can. Obviously with the right music but also with the original choreography of these dancing tracks. By using the latest techniques, such as video mapping and augmented reality, every show becomes a sensation. Dance professional Timor Steffens provides all the couples with the right choreographies. First price is eternal fame and a huge amount of money they can spend on a charity of their choice. The show is presented by Chantal Janzen and Jandino Asporaat.

After months of training, the celebrities show their best dancing skills. Of course it wouldn't be this thrilling if there wasn’t a little bit of competition. Every week a couple has to leave the show.  Through this interactive website the viewer can find information about the participating couples and watch previous episodes. The viewer can also participate in the Timor Home Challenge and find tips & tricks. Viewers can watch dance videos so they can practice their own dancing skills. The viewer can even perform a show on the music that was used in the show. Through Spotify the viewers can set up a playlist, with tracks of the genre which was on the show of that week. As a viewer you will not get enough of this interactive website. The website is provided with new exciting content that the viewers will enjoy. The website aims to support the now highly popular television program and also to extend the moment of contact with the viewer.

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