RTL Nederland

Eigen Huis & Tuin

Renewed website for a Dutch TV Show

The TV show ‘Eigen Huis & Tuin’ has been on the Dutch television for ages and can’t be missed. Not only the projects on the show, but also the website was ready for a new environment. LiveWall therefore developed a new website to reflect the new look & feel of the tv show. Usability is a paramount at this interactive website. Visitors can easily search the website by using keywords. The websites provides a solid environment where the viewer can go for inspiration and tips.

‘Eigen Huis & Tuin’ is the longest running Dutch handyman program, which is broadcasted every Saturday night at RTL4. In this 22nd season you’ll see six new faces who will rebuild more than you can ever imagine. All six of them have the same goal: that everyone in The Netherlands will start rebuilding and gardening.

 From now on, ‘Eigen Huis & Tuin’, really has its own house: a big house with a huge garden in Zoelen, Gelderland. What is the ‘Eigen Huis & Tuin’ team going to do there? The house is outdated and needs to be rebuilt and modernized. The garden also needs some major adjustments. The team of ‘Eigen Huis & Tuin’ will have exactly 10 months to complete this huge job.

During the season, the rebuilding process will be closely followed. Next to a handyman house, the house will be a huge source of inspiration for future handymen. The hay barn will be in fact a manufacturing site! The manufacturing site is the place to give workshops and to make small things, where designers can showcase their ideas and where viewers are invited.

The new season of ‘Eigen Huis & Tuin’ recently started. To keep all viewers up to date, LiveWall developed a new interactive website. On this website the viewer gets to meet with the new team and watch previous episodes. At the website you can find all the information for future handymen. There is a fabricatingplace to find all kinds of home and garden tips. For every job there is something to found. The visitor can choose which room they are going to remodel or redecorate. Per room, visitors can be inspired. The website aims to enthuse and inform the viewers. We also hope to attract a new group of handymen through this new website. 

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