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New website for Expeditie Robinson

For the new season of Expedition Robinson, RTL signed a unique partnership with Fisherman's Friend. A giveaway was set up which enabled the viewer to attend the live finale of the show. To facilitate this campaign LiveWall developed a new interactive website. The campaign was boosted in the RTL commercial breaks and enthused the viewers to watch the new season. 

Expeditie Robinson is a reality show where 16 famous Dutch people are battling each other by surviving on a desert island. The program can be seen at RTL 5 and is presented by Nicolette Kluijver and Dennis Weening. For 13 weeks, the viewers can enjoy the battle between the two different islands in various challenging trials.


The new season of Expedition Robinson has started again. A new website was inevitable. LiveWall has therefore developed a new website for this popular tv show. Through the website the viewer can keep up to date with the latest developments. All candidates have their own profile. Additionally, the viewer can watch all episodes and short clips of the highlights.

Through the website, a campaign was started by sponsor Fisherman’s Friend. This strong mint, perfectly fits the raw and tough character of Expedition Robinson.
Viewers were able to vote for their favorite Robinson of the past few years. By voting for their favorite, the viewers had the chance to attend the live finals of Expedition Robinson. The two winners were put on a plane to the tropical Indonesia were they could have a true Robinson experience.
According to the viewers, Fajah Lourens is proclaimed to be true Robinson of the last few years. Fajah will now compete with the candidates of this year. Will she maintain her title this season?

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