Universal Music

The Chainsmokers

My personal selfie video

In partnership with Universal Music Germany and the American DJ act "The Chainsmokers"  a campaign was developed around their top-hit #selfie.

A simple campaign, but with a great viral effect as a result. The campaign, in which users could upload 9 personal selfies into a 30 second video was used more than 140,000 times in one week.

 "Selfies" are very popular nowadays. The hype around these self-portraits was boosted by the DJ-act "The Chainsmokers" with a music video that was viewed over 60 million times on Youtube. The song scored high in charts all over the world. In Germany however, the song was less famous. The reason for Universal Germany to set up an online campaign.
The idea of the campaign was to let everyone create a personal Selfie video. The original video clip of The Chainsmokers is in fact put together with a chain of selfies. By logging in with a Facebook account, the most liked photos from that account were loaded. After uploading the selfies, the clip was rendered on the servers of LiveWall and then placed on the timeline of the Facebook users.

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