Universal Music

Social Media Campaign

LiveWall is a partner of Universal Music department to develop social media campaigns and web applications.

Universal has a wide range of artists under contract. For Universal, promoting artists via internet, as well as stimulating streams and downloads, is becoming increasingly important. With the massive amount of new releases and the growing influence of social media it's important to launch an impactful and well-timed social media campaign. In addition to this, LiveWall ensures social media interaction at events organised by Universal. 

The promotion of artists via internet offers lots of possibilities. Multiple platforms were used to build a suitable campaign. For example Platforms like Spotify and Facebook were combined to use the best of both worlds. Spotify created an audio experience while Facebook caused the viral effect. Using the LiveWall tool the audience displayed their social media activity and interacted with each other. The LiveWall tool showed social media messages and pictures taken during the events.

LiveWall provided increasing interaction between Universal Music and their fans, both in person as digital during events.

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