RTL Nederland

Voetbal Inside & Gillette

Player of the week

LiveWall developed the campaign website for Voetbal Inside where after every competition round on every Sunday evening  fans are able to vote for one of the five selected players to become the 'Gilette player of the week'. To add further emphasis on your vote or to persuade other fans to vote for the best player of the past weekend it is possible to share your vote through Facebook and/or Twitter.


Each game round in the Dutch Eredivisie several players distinguish their selves or stand out in some sort of way on the pitch. To determine what player was really the best of the best during this game round Voetbal Inside introduced; Gillette player of the Week.

The player who recieves the most votes wins that week's 'Gillette's golden shoelace'. The handing over of the prestigious award is recorded and can be watched on this website, it also deserves a spot on the list of winners of previous playing rounds, which is obviously designed completely according to the look and feel of Voetbal International and Gillette. 

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