Voetbal Inside

New interactive website

For the immensly popular TV-show; Voetbal Inside, LiveWall developed a new interactive website. As a football fan you’ll be fully served on this new football-platform. This website contains, besides the latest episodes, loads of football-news from the (inter)national competitions.

The TV show, shown on Dutch television twice a week where the hosts Johan Derksen, Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp each week invite a special guest to talk and discuss about the latest football-news and give their strong opinion about this.

When you, as a football-fan, like to be updated about all the actualities and background information of the last and upcoming football matches, you have to visit this interactive website. The website contains recent content about all played and upcoming matches. Also, there are many great videos about the current best players. Reporter Simon visits all off the Dutch football fields and reports on the best highlights. His reports can all be seen on this website. 

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