RTL Nederland

Website Expeditie Robinson

Stay up to date with a brand new design

On behalf of RTL Nederland, LiveWall developed the new website and preseason campaign for Expedition Robinson 2014.

The 'foot selfie' campaign was an interactive campaign, where the biggest fans started a search for all the new participants of the Expedition Robinson 2014 show. The feet of the contestants were posted online, so fans could guess which famous Dutch personality would be on the new season.


Besides the footselfie campaign, LiveWall also designed and developed the new Expeditie Robinson website (www.expeditierobinson.nl). A website, with a new and modern design, where all the fans can follow all the latest action around the television show. 


This campaign gained a lot of online attention (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), which gave a perfect social dimension to one of the best viewed TV shows in the Netherlands. 

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