Willem II

Personalized Thank You Video's

Together with Dutch Football Club Willem II, LiveWall Group developed personalized thank you-videos for sponsors and business relations.

To thank the Willem II business relations for their unconditional support, Willem II sent out nearly 650 thank-you videos in August 2016, including the sponsor's (company) name in the video. The movies sponsors received are easy to download for Instagram and shareable via Twitter and Facebook.

Video production
LiveWall Group wrote the scripts, made the video and directed the thank you-videos. Each sponsor received it's own copy, giving them a personal thank you from Technical Director Joris Mathijsen.

The videos were well received and the personal messages were frequently shared. Frank Evenblij took care of the voice over and there are cameo's of club icon Jan Vioen, Joris Mathijsen and players like Funso King Ojo and Erik Falkenburg.

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