We invent and develop high-profile campaigns for media, with solid content platforms and unique gaming formats. We do this for customers as RTL, Endemol, SlamFM, Telegraaf Media Group, BBC and other prominent media tycoons. This way we generate more than 250 million visitors a year!

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Content platforms

We make sure you get the perfect online way to present your content. LiveWall develops high-end content platforms like mobile apps, websites and mobile websites. The content can come in all shapes and sizes. Think of blog, videos and articles. We make certain that the latest techniques are used and that the content is easy to find.

Branded Content

With the use of branded content, brands blend in a nice and creative way in the content.LiveWall believes in the combination of creativity and technique to create a unique branded content experience. This can be achieved with a simple campaign page or with a full integration in the storyline. We have done this for the brands WE and Lidl in the GTST Meerdijk-app.


LiveWall develops powerful apps for smartphone and tablet. This can be games, content platforms, second-screen applications or video and audio players. LiveWall operates on the basis of concept, User Interface and development to achieve maximum results.

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