LiveWall has had a strong affiliation with the music-sector for years. For instance, we developed entire campaigns for brands such as HBO, KPN and Spotify. But we also did promotional activities for artists or playlists in every thinkable creative online shape. We like to team up with you!

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Music campaigns

If you need an online campaign where music or an artist plays a significant role, you came to the right place. With the use of online campaigns we try to connect a brand to music or create a campaign to promote an artist, playlist or release. This can be achieved with all sorts of means like a campaign webpage, advertising, content or an interactive out of the box concept.

Spotify powered

Spotify offers a powerful platform where campaigns and music come together. We work with the Spotify data API, which we use to gather information about more than 40 million tracks and personal preferences of users. LiveWall works together with Spotify in campaigns and tools for brands but also with major music labels for campaigns on Spotify.


Our team of content specialists helps with all kinds of content like sensational video formats, successful ads, band pages, artist sessions and promos. We have our own team of designers, video editors and strategists that are all familiar with the music and entertainment industry.


We do not only focus on online, we also love to combine online with events or physical locations. Think of the possibility to request songs with 20000 people for KPN for the Coolste Baan van Nederland, an interactive jukebox for Coca-Cola, or showing social media interactions on screen for Tomorrowland.

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