Digital Sportmarketing

Sports connects! Not only on and around the sports fields, but also outside of them. You do not only experience sports by being active, but also by experiencing from a distance as spectator with other fans. New digital techniques bring fans closer to athletes. The future of sports consumption changes with interactive games, content creation and digital sports platforms.

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Sport Engagement

LiveWall assists and advises sportclubs, organisations and sponsors with a team of digital creatives to take full advantage of the experience of the (digital) sports fan. Cross-media campaigns are created by LiveWall to also reach the fans outside of the sports complexes.

In-stadium Gaming

LiveWall broadens fan-engagement in and around stadions with the help of interactive gaming. With the mobile in-stadium quiz tool called Fan of the Match, LiveWall is able to key into contact moments during pre-match, match and post-match. This way the focus lies on the match without the interruption of all sorts of different irrelevant issues. In-stadium games also create an opportunity for new types of sportmarketing and sponsorcomponents.

Data Enrichment

Not only do interactive games improve the fan engagement, they also support the data enrichment. New techniques based on data allow to approach the fans on a personal level. LiveWall speaks to an entire fanbase on individual level with the use of personalized videos. These personal marketing initiatives have a positive effect on the loyalty of fans.

Digitale Platforms

Sport experience focuses more and more on the total experience, 24/7 with a 360° view. LiveWall develops digital platforms to present sportcontent directly to fans. LiveWall wants to increase the consumption on own platforms with the help of loyalty programs and innovative integrations like a Videomixxer. This will result in more commitment and fully engaged fans whereby more meaningful partnerships can be formed.

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